8″ Lathe Chuck

8″ Lathe Chuck


Great to pair with our roll-out wheels! Quality built lathe chuck with reversible jaws to maximize your range of pipe capacity.


  • Precision 8” lathe chuck
  • Reversible Jaws
  • Compatible with H&K Fabrication roll-out wheel rings
  • Fits pipe sizes 2 1/2” ID – 12” ID


What’s Included:

  • 8” Lathe Chuck
  • Chuck Tool
  • 3 mounting bolts


Product details

Versatility: The 8” Lathe Chuck is a versatile tool for welding precision, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in every application. It provides consistent performance for your pipe welding tasks, whether in the workshop or out in the field.

Durability: Our 8″ Lathe Chuck comes with a zinc-plated finish, offering lasting durability under all weather conditions to withstand rust and corrosion.

Reversible Jaws: Equipped with reversible jaws, our 8″ Lathe Chuck maximizes your range of pipe capacity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

8″ Lathe Chuck FAQs

Does the 8″ Lathe Chuck come with a warranty?

Yes, our 8″ Lathe Chuck is backed by a 1-year warranty to protect against any product defects. Additionally, there’s a 1-year warranty for the chuck’s components, ensuring your peace of mind. If you need to make a warranty claim, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll get you taken care of.

How does the 8″ Lathe Chuck compare to  the other sizes?

The 8″ Lathe Chuck is versatile and works well for many turning and machining tasks. It strikes a good balance between size and grip, making it suitable for various jobs. While it does not have the size of the bigger lathe chuck, it’s easy to use and it fits different sizes.



1 review for 8″ Lathe Chuck

  1. Brandon Banker (verified owner)

    Good product, good price. Everything I have purchased from H&K has impressed….

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