Roll-out Wheels

Roll Out Wheels For Pipe Welders

H&K Fabrication Roll Out Wheels are designed to make your work in the field more efficient and time-saving. We offer a variety of roll out wheels tailored for different tasks.

Basic Roll Out Wheels: Our Basic Roll Out Wheels are reliable and effective. Built with durable steel, they feature a simple handle for rotating pipes and come equipped with a 1:1 brake ratio.

Pro Roll Out Wheels: For those seeking advanced functionality, our Pro Roll Out Wheels offer a superior build quality. These include a 2:1 brake ratio for enhanced control, precise adjustments, and an ergonomic handle for a better grip.

If you’re just looking for the chuck, you can also check out our Lathe Chucks.

What is a Roll Out Wheel?

As a pipe welder, having to rotate the pipe as you weld can be a bit of a challenge, especially on those larger and bulkier pipes. It’s much easier to work on pipes when you have a steady rotation, rather than having to pause every few seconds to rotate it manually.

A roll out wheel makes this process much more efficient and saves you time. You just slide the pipe onto the chuck, and use the wheel to rotate the pipe with ease, making the the whole process much more simple.

Roll Out Wheel FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Roll out wheels are portable. You can latch the roll out wheel to your hitch and take it to the job site with you.

A DIY Roll Out Wheel Kit will come unassembled – you will have to assemble it yourself and it will require some welding.

Our Pro Roll Out Wheel has a 2:1 Break ratio, making it more resistant. Also, the lever and break on the pro is fine thread, giving you better accuracy when adjusting, whereas the Basic Roll Out Wheel kit has a regular course thread. Additionally, we use an API ring on our pro models, giving it a much better, smoother turn. The Pro is also zinc-plated making it anti-rust.

All of our pipe fitting tools are galvanized

Our return policy for roll out wheels includes a 15% restocking fee for all returned goods. You can make a return within 30 days within delivery.

If you received a defective or damaged roll out wheel, contact us and we’ll get you taken care of. You can also email [email protected]


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